Sunday, March 16, 2008

how to get things done

There's an old adage: If you want to get something done, ask a busy person to do it.

Sometime last fall I walked into my church choir rehearsal and the conductor (and my now-employer, Brainerd Blyden-Taylor) asked me how I did it.

Did what?

My writing... where did I find time for it all? (I guess he'd been taking a look my blogs - all six of them.)

I don't know, was my reply. I guess the real answer was that I loved doing it, and it was easy to find the time to do the things I loved.

Thinking back on it now, though, I realize that there's something to be said for momentum. It's the getting started that hampers most people - the inability to overcome the inertia of inactivity in certain areas of their lives.

I am looking forward to an insane couple of weeks. I am very busy at work with upcoming grant application deadlines, and I got a phone call late Friday afternoon from City TV wondering if I would be the professional organizer for a spring-cleaning contest they're holding right now for their viewers. If that goes ahead as planned (although knowing TV-land, there's a good chance that it might not), I am going to need a few 30-hour days just to keep pace with everything I need to get done.

The great thing about being busy, though (at least for finite periods of time - I wouldn't want this to go on indefinitely!) is that I'm already moving. As long as I can take care of the basics - getting enough sleep, nourishing food and some built-in downtime - everything else will (hopefully) fall into place.

The answer to this post's title, I guess? Give it to me... LOL

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