Monday, February 12, 2007

making peace with your organizing style

When I started this blog, I fully intended to submit entries several times per week, if not daily. Then my obsessive-compulsive* tendencies got in the way. I wanted my posts to unfold in an orderly, logical fashion. If I promised a post on a certain subject, I couldn't write about something else until the first subject was finished. But if I didn't feel like writing about the first subject, then nothing at all got written.

I give up. I've finally realized that while I love order, it's not the way my thoughts unfold. Ideas spring out of my head in random fashion, and I'd rather see them all given life than let some of them wither and die under the searing heat of someone else's idea of good organization.

It's a problem I run into regularly when dealing with clients - especially the type of people who tend to seek out the services of a professional organizer. So many of my clients are embarrassed by the way they live, and are apologetic about their own natures. I always try to reassure them that they each carry within themselves the knowledge of the best way for them to live. There's no need to try and conform to their families' or friends' opinions. I can't dictate their values, or tell them how they should organize their lives. As a professional organizer, I'm there to support their own unique organizing styles. I've decided to extend myself the same compassion and generosity.

How do you figure out your personal organizing style? That's the subject of my next post.

(Or not.)

*I'm not really obsessive-compulsive, and mean no disrespect to true OCD individuals. I do have an eye for detail, though - and a love of order and cleanliness that my chaos-loving boyfriend deems excessive.

copyright 2007, Michelle Lynne Goodfellow

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