Monday, May 21, 2007

so, what do professional organizers do?

Answering this question might seem unnecessary. Except - more than once - I've had a potential client ask it.

If you check out the Professional Organizers in Canada website and use their "Find an Organizer" function, you will notice that for every organizer there is a list of services which they provide. Organizing is a huge field, and many organizers will specialize in "niche" markets to set themselves apart from other organizers.

The two broad categories are business and residential organizing. An organizer who specializes in business organizing may do information organizing, which could include organizing computer systems and training, organizing files, organizing systems, bookkeeping or financial organizing, organization of procedures or manuals, and records management. They may also offer virtual-assistant services.

A business organizer usually organizes any general office spaces. There are also several sector specialties: legal, medical, associations/non-profits, corporate, SOHO (small office/home office) and retail spaces or stores. Specialized business services could also include Human Resources tasks and organization.

Residential organizing focuses on homes and families. A residential organizer may help organize information in the form of files, paper flow, and financial management or bookkeeping. The types of spaces organized are much more varied than in the business sector: closets, attics/garages/basements/storage lockers, kitchens, and other general home spaces.

Specialized residential organizing services include estate organizing and garage sales. There are also a number of specialized categories that encompass both business and residential organizing. Organizers may have experience in working with ADD or ADHD individuals, or what's known in the profession as the "chronically disorganized." Other special populations include creative individuals, people with health or mobility challenges, and seniors.

Organizers may offer services in other languages, including French. Organizers may offer coaching or training in organization. Some organizers do event planning or offer concierge services. Some organizers specialize in downsizing or moving/relocation, as well as home sale preparation or home staging. Other organizers may have specialized training or experience in wardrobe consulting, interior decorating, ergonomics, feng shui, or alternative healing modalities and new age disciplines as they apply to spaces. Some organizers actively help clients achieve a work/life balance.

Experienced organizers may also do public speaking or lead seminars and workshops on organizing. Some organizers have published books on professional organizing, or regularly write about organizing topics.

Curious about what an organizer does? Ask him or her. And ask about related training or experience - and references - if you're considering hiring an organizer.

copyright 2007, Michelle Lynne Goodfellow

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